Coast Guard Operation Plan

(The duty-week has days.)

The following operation plan ensures that the complete Forarifoan EEZ (a circle of 200 nautical miles around the centre of the main island) is patrolled by the Coast Guard cutter once in 12 work-days or weeks and that the pattern is changed after each completion. The same pattern starts every 45 work-days.

Patrol pattern is a 16° sector of the EEZ circle, consisting of an outbound track of 180 nautical miles (9 hours), a peripheral track of 55 NM (3 hrs), and an inbound track back home (whole pattern c. 21 hrs). Under vavourable weather conditions, the whole area between and around the tracks can be checked by eyes, else by DARAR*).

The Commander, Naval Section


*) DARAR = Detecting And RAnging by Radio, a Cruisanan invention

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