Mia insulo!

Port Ellen, Islay, Hebrides
Urbo de Dio and the harbour (from this panoramic photo, we made a stamp issue!)

Waiting for the ship

My special otter friend

These three pictures from the Islay homepage.

This building accommodates the complete government of Fora Rifo!

The phosphate mines on the eastern edge of the island
The phosphate harbour near Urbo de Dio

Click to see the flags in more detail! Our Coast Guard cutter:

A fast, sturdy, highly maneuverable boat capable of operating in heavy seas, adequate accommodations for crew to live on board, best suited for the necessary Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement and Defense Operations. It is also prepared to operate as government transport in case of need and to fire salutes according to international custom.

Length: 82 feet
Beam: 17 feet
Displacement: 67.5 tons
Power plant: Two diesel engines
Maximum Speed: 22 knots
Maximum Range:1580 miles
Armament: One 25 mm machine gun
Max. crew: 10
Year of construction: 260 AP

Since April 301, Feniz has stationed a Search and Rescue helicopter on the island.
October 301 saw the first arrival of MS IMPUTAN, supplying us with Utanian goods since.
In April 302, the Sultan Protector visited our island and donated this fast yacht as a mail boat and state yacht. So I can use this comfortable yacht for visits to Ezo or the mainland, instead of the relatively spartanic Coast Guard cutter.

The yacht is operated by the Nacia Navigadokompanio de Fora Rifo (Fora Rifo National Shipping Co.) and flies their ensign; we do not have a state ensign.

Ezoan NACIA AERVOJO's hydroplanes used to link Fora Rifo to the neighbouring kingdom.

Crew: 2
Passengers: 10
Payload: 1588 kg
Length: 14.7 m, wingspan: 20.3 m
Powerplant: 2 447 kW each
Max speed: 187 kts
Range: 1120 nm (2070 km)
Service ceiling: 24500 ft

Below: Our airship "Orienta Nubo". The name means "Eastern Cloud"; it does look a bit like cloud when the airship slowly and majestically approaches Fora Rifo.

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