A. Posxtmarkoj de Ezo posxto auxtoritato /
Stamps from Ezo post al authority

still valid for Fora Rifo

Fight For Freedom, local issue for Fora Rifo, valid for local mail only; not approved by Elafites and Zufites postal authority; 3 Jan 301
  Vending machine stamp, 16 Febr 301

(These graphics from the Ezo homepage, courtesy of © Risto Hepo-oja 2001)

B. Posxtmarkoj de nia Gxenerala Posxtoficejo /
Stamps from our General Post Office

Ezo postal authority issue for Fora Rifo, word "EZO" overprinted, 3 March 301

(Original graphics from the Ezo homepage, courtesy of © Risto Hepo-oja 2001)

  Joint issue with Feniz, 3 March 301

The Ezo flag is said to be the wrong one! A misprint! All philatelists will buy it and make us rich!

Airmail label adapted from Ezo issue as of 1 Aug 300, 2 Apr 301
  View of Urbo de Dio, stamp strip instead of a carnet, 10 April 301
  Inauguration of Fora Rifo Prison Camp Museum, 4 May 301

© Risto Hepo-oja 2001

  Protect the Fora Rifo nature, 9 May 301

© Risto Hepo-oja 2001

  For Fora Rifo Red Crescent, an issue continuing the good mounist tradition of giving. 9 May 301

© Risto Hepo-oja 2001

  Scout Congress 301, commemorating the peaceful and unbiased meeting of Forarifan and Ezoan youth. 9 May 301

© Risto Hepo-oja 2001

  Another "Maximizing The Profit"-issue: "Somebody", 31 Aug 301

© Risto Hepo-oja 2001

consisting of:

  • booklet pane (left): as above but different perforation;
  • block (below): as above issue but stamps have the year 301 printed on them;
  • a handy card with 6 stamps (below), perfect to keep in your wallet (and of course imperforated and self-adhesive, thus yet another type)

... so to get a full set, every collector should buy a single stamp, a block , a card, and a booklet... not to mention FDCs for all types!

  Airship ORIENTA NUBO of AEROVOJO DE FORA RIFO, stamp strip instead of a carnet, 3 Aug 303
Consecutive addition of the values renders national, international surface and international airmail postage!
  Pro Juventute - For The Youth: We did another joint edition with Feniz. The printery has omitted the addional postage for the youth projects! The governments have therefore decided that the complete amount is given for such projects while the letters are transported free of charge.

Fora Rifo Afranktarifo
de 11 Apr 01

Letero*) - insulo**)


Letero - internacia - per posxtosxipo


Letero - internacia - per aerposxto


Paketo - insulo


Parcelo - internacia - per posxtosxipo


Parcelo - internacia - per aerposxto


Paketo - internacia

al pezo
kaj lando

*) ankaux pro posxtkartoj
**) ankaux pro Feniz - per aerposxto


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