Geo-Grafikoj / Geo-Graphics.

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The state Fora Rifo lies on and comprises the island Frket.

Pozicio / Position: 56° 42' N 73° 03' E
/ Time zone: CMT+05
Etendio / Extent: 39.9 km N-S, 34.4 km W-E (without outlying reefs and islets)

Logantaro / Population: 6,000
Ĉefurbo / Capital: Urbo de Dio

("Blue" maps from the Ezo homepage, courtesy of © Risto Hepo-oja 2001)

The following map has been produced recently by the FRP Co. Survey Department. Mind that the southernmost peninsula is not portrayed on any official Ezo maps; this is, of course, the part where the prisoner camp has been situated!

Islay, Hebrides

Climate and Weather

The actual weather can be requested from the Royal Meteorological Institute of Feniz!


The population of 6,000 falls into the following categories:

below 6 years 6 - 18 years 18 - 64 year 65 yers and above

600 = 10 %

1,080 = 18 % 3,540 = 59 % 780 = 13 %

The 2,640 persons gainfully employed (44 %) roughly fall into the following categories:

Government and public administration General administration (incl. postal service) 45 1.7
  Technical services (e.g. refuse disposal) 35 1.3
  Teachers 30 1.1
  National Guard 30 1.1
  Hospital 100 3.8
  National Shipping Corporation 175 6.6
F. R. Phosphates Administration 75 2.8
  Research 75 2.8
  Central Services (e.g. fire brigade, workshops) 150 5.7
  Mining 225 8.5
  Shipping 150 5.7
Fisheries Administration 100 3.8
  Fishery fleet 400 15.2
  Factory (canning etc.) 200 7.6
Agriculture, handicraft, etc. 600 22.7
Catering trade   140 5.3
Fora Rifo Department of the Emir Dr. I'Foundpat-Role University various institutes and clinics 110 4.2

Trafiko kaj tiel / Traffic and such

Our car licence plate...

... still the same as in Ezo times... There are so few cars that I could tell by heart whose car this one belongs to.

(Graphic from the Ezo homepage, courtesy of © Risto Hepo-oja 2001)

Marotrafiko / Shipping issues:

The NACIA NAVIGADOKOMPANIO DE FORA RIFO (Fora Rifo National Shipping Co.) was planning a joint venture with Ezo to be called EZO-FORA RIFO LINIO (EFL) or maybe Ezo-Fora Rifo veturlinio. Ezo has not had the time to decide before it dissolved.

The basic supply with goods not available on the island is imported by IMPUTAN (FR) and its ship MS IMPUTAN.

Aertrafiko / Air traffic.

In former years, Fora Rifo used to be serviced from Ezo by short-range hydroplanes and airships of Auroro or Nacia Aervojo. For now, with Ezo being paralyzed by internal problems, our airship "Orienta Nubo" links the island to Imperial City, Zartania. The "Orienta Nubo" is operated by the state airline AERVOJO DE FORA RIFO (Fora Rifo Airways).


An airport suitable for long range jets - also as stop-over for intercontinental flights - has been planned and built in co-operation between AERVOJO DE FORA RIFO and the Fenizic airline "Ich'Fleeg-Nax Feniz" and was completed on 21 August 303AP; the inauguration flight was heading for the SUNMIRCH 303 festival in Somery. Now there are weekly flights from Feniz via Ulnovabad. - A long range jet route from Reĝurbo to Fora Rifo was already planned by Ezo, but cancelled, due to economical reasons (not enough passengers to support such route).

For the safety of air traffic in the region, a VOR (Very high frequency Omnidirectional Radio range) navigational aid has been set up. It is called FORA RIFO, callsign FOR, frequency 123.4 located at 56 38 30 N 72 50 33 E. The nominal range is 100 nm. - A VOR, I've been told, can be used by an airplane to measure the exact direction to and from it and - using an autopilot - steering a direct course to this navaid. If combined with a DME (Distance Measuring Equipment), the exact position can be determined. As soon as we can afford it, we'll purchase a DME, too.

Turismo / Tourism

We are about to found a shipping line FORA RIFO CRUISES which will operate a fantastic sailship on exciting trips from a Zartanian port via Fora Rifo to Ezo and vice versa.

Furthermore we try to develop Fora Rifo as a "salubrious climate spa" (if this is the correct ingallish expression) e.g. for lung diseases.


Only a short word about this: Our language is the same as is spoken all over the islands of the Ezo archipelago: Ezoperanto. Many speak Ingallish, too, and some, not least the immigrants from Zartania, speak Rizne (Zartanian).

Valuto / Money

Ezo's Mono is still in use - we couldn't afford new money-tokens (coins and bills). Now that Ezo has vanished, the worth of our money is going to vanish, too. We currently discuss the introduction of another currency, maybe the Fenizic one.

(Banknote graphics from the Ezo homepage, courtesy of © Risto Hepo-oja 2001)

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