Naciaj Simboloj / National Symbols.
Notoj pri & grafikoj de / Notes on & graphics of.

Flagoj kaj simboloj / Flags and symbols:

(National Guard, Anthem, holidays, diplomatic representations see below)

New (republican) Coat of Arrms
New (republican) coat of Arms
Fora Rifo Flag
National Flag My standard as President
(they somehow made me accept it ;-)
Naval Ensign Naval Jack
Flag of the Captain and Commander
of the National Guard
(using design elements of the former Ezoan Prison Island Guard, with the keys meaningful broken, however)
Flag of the Lieutenant (or Petty Officer) and Commander
of the Naval Section (Coast Guard)
of the National Guard
(using the "coast guard orange" colour as proposed by Christiana)
Commission Pennant of the Boat Commander

House flag of the
Fora Rifo Fishery Fleet

House flag of the
Fora Rifo Tuna Cannery

House flag of IMPUTAN (FR)

House flag of Fora Rifo Phosphates

Ensign of the
Nacia Navigadokompanio de Fora Rifo /
Fora Rifo National Shipping Co.

The ranks and rank insignia of our National Guard (police & coast guard), derived from Ezo collar and shoulder devices:

Captain, Commander National Guard

Lieutenant, (territorial/naval) section commander (if not Sergeant/Petty Officer)

Sergeant/Petty Officer, (territorial/naval) section commander (if not Lieutenant), boat commander

Corporal/Mate, detachment commander

Guardsman (and seaman)



Band master (Militia, non-combatant)


Mechanic, machinist and gunner

Bandsman (Militia, non-combatant)

(National Flag and basic rank graphics from the Ezo homepage, courtesy of © Risto Hepo-oja 2001)

The teacher (who else would do such a thing?) wrote this anthem for our island:

Where Polaris breakers dash against the strand,
Where the yellow broom blooms on a sparing land,
|: Where the gulls are shrieking shrill in wind and storm,
There you find my island, there I am at home. :|


Naciaferioj / National Holidays

24 - 28 Nov Week of Sin
(National Mourning)
On these days in the year 300, Mounists who then lived on the Zufites islands attacked the Thorian Temple in Sauro (Blanka Oro, Zufites), and other places afterwards.
9 Dec Punishment Day
(National Mourning)
On this day in the year 300, the Ezoan Mounists (about 3000) were expelled from their homes and displaced to Fora Rifo.
23 Dec Liberation Day On this day in the year 300, the Free Mounist Republic was proclaimed.
24 - 26 Dec Affliction Days
(National Mourning)
On these days in the year 300, the Ezo police bombed Fora Rifo to ashes.
27 Feb Alleviation Day On this day in the year 301, the Sultanate of Feniz took over the protectorship over the Autonomous Mounist Republic of Fora Rifo.

On the days of National Mourning, the flags are hoisted at half-mast and special penitential services are held.

Foreign diplomatic seals to be found in Urbo de Dio:

Our own diplomatic seals:

  An Embassy exists in Fenizabad only. The ambassador is also our High Representative in the Divan of Feniz. Honorary Consuls will be appointed in countries we trade with. A Honorary Consul General is only appointed to the Kingdom of Elafites and Zufites (Ezo) to honour the special relations we maintain with that state.  

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